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ONLY NON-EU customers can order using this site.

European Union customers (living HERE), PLACE ORDERS ONLY VIA EMAIL. Instructions to place your order is HERE.

Image Copyright Policies:

All images sold at the Doodle Pantry LLC are copyright Laurie Wilson/Doodle Pantry.

All images that were illustrated by me previously and sold at another company, regardless if in form of clear stamp or digitized, regardless if are listed for sale at Doodle Pantry presently, are now owned and copyright Doodle Pantry llc as of October 1, 2013.

These are my doodles.  When you purchase these images, download a freebie, or receive a freebie via any other method, you are agreeing to respect the artist copyright as detailed below.

All sales of digital images are final.

  • Doodle Pantry is not responsible for replacing any digital products you may lose from a computer problem. It is your responsibility to keep backups of your digital purchases.
  • Problems with downloads must be addressed within 7 days of order date.
  • Read the HOW TO article on how to properly download products prior to your purchase.
  • You will use Doodle Pantry LLC images for your own personal crafty creations.
  • You may not sell or give away Doodle Pantry LLC images in digital format, or pre-printed on paper.
  • You may not claim Doodle Pantry LLC images to be your own.
  • You may not make, or have made, digitized embroidery files for resale, without explicit written permission from Doodle Pantry LLC and a paid yearly license fee, of Doodle Pantry LLC images. Certain limitations may apply.
  • You may not make, or have made, clear or rubber stamps, or other products to resell, that reproduce the image for consumer use, of Doodle Pantry LLC images.

"Angel" type policy

  • You are permitted to sell your creations using Doodle Pantry LLC images.
  • The images must be completely colored and/or completely prepared, as in, a finished product. Examples would be cards, scrap pages, boxes, frames, etc, anything that is considered finished and (if digital) in flattened format.
  • Combining Doodle Pantry llc images with other company digital images is OK, as long as credit is given for Doodle Pantry images.
  • When combining Doodle Pantry llc digital images with other digital images, partial erasing of the image for the purpose of "layering" behind other objects is permitted.
  • Please have some respect for the artist copyright and mention the image is copyright Doodle Pantry LLC.

I appreciate your business and thank you for shopping at Doodle Pantry llc!