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I have had numerous requests for how to add a watermark to your photos.  I cannot provide steps for all programs, because I don't own the software and therefore I don't know how to use it all.  HOWEVER, I can provide watermarking steps using the ONE photo editing software program that I know, and it is for PC, not Mac. It is a FREE Photo edit software called Photoscape.  If you are interested in obtaining that free software, you can follow these steps to beautifying and marking your photos.

First, download the free Photoscape software from the below link.  I recommend using the blue/green button that says softiconic on it. 
DO NOT click the very large button at the top of the page, that is an advertisement (a trick to get you to download something else!)

  • Once you have downloaded it, you must install it by double clicking on the setup icon that was placed on your computer desktop screen. Follow your computers prompts, I cannot help you with that part.
  • Double click the Photoscape icon to open the program.
  • Click the icon that says Editor, here I will explain what you see.
  • On the upper left is the folders on your computer.
  • On the lower left is a thumbnail preview area of all the photos in the "active" folder that is selected in the upper left section. If you have not  selected a folder in the upper left, then you will see no thumbnails below it.
  • When you select a folder by clicking once, thumbnails appear below. Click once on any of the little thumbnails in the lower left, and that photo becomes the active one to edit in the main screen.
  • Across the bottom of the window are all your photo editing tools, there are 4 tabs, home, object, crop, region.  You will likely only ever need to use home, object and crop, and those are the only 3 I will be explaining in this instruction.


  • BEFORE adding the watermark, you need to make all the photo adjustments you want, like cropping, resizing and adjusting light/color.
  • You must be in the "editor" to begin. (You may already be there if you have been following along from the previous section) If you are not, then open your photoscape and click the editor icon.
  • In the upper left section of the screen, Navigate to the folder on your computer where your original photos are stored and just click once on it.
  • In the lower left section of the screen, all your photos will appear as small thumbnails, click on the one you want to add a watermark, and it will pull up in the main section.
  • To crop, click the CROP tab from the lower section of the window. It should be defaulted to crop freely, just point, click and drag the cursor over your photo to see where you are cropping  around your photo. Crop as you wish by adjusting size and position of the crop window and when you are done, click the crop BUTTON.
  • You can undo anytime using the undo button at the lower right.
  • If your camera saves photos very large (more than 1200 pixels in length or width), you might want to resize your photo. Click on the Home tab and then click on the little arrow next to the word RESIZE and a little fly out menu appears.  You can select to shorten the longest length by picking one of the set pixel lengths shown, and it will resize the whole photo proportionally for you.  (I have been using 800 pixels for longest length, but you can choose whatever you want)
  • Once your photo is resized, you can adjust light/color.  You will have to experiment on your own what the differnet functions do, to your liking, but if you are interested in what I do, here that is:
  • I generally click, in this order, once each on the auto level button, the auto contrast button and the backlight button (NOT the arrows on those buttons, click the buttons themselves.  When you do this, it tries to auto adjust everything for you.  In 95% of my photos, these 3 things adjust perfectly.  If your white areas have a blue tint, or a yellow tint, you can adjust them back to being white by the following: click the ARROW next to the Bright/color button and a fly up menu appears. Pick on the word White Balance. Now, before doing anything else, click once in an area on your photo that SHOULD BE white, pick on an (should be white) area that is the most blue or yellow. Your color should correct by making your white areas a natural white.
  • There are some photos, perhaps due to lighting or angle, where these functions make the photo look worse, so manually adjusting will have to be done. I cannot cover those steps in detail, as it is all trial and error really, you will have to experiment in the bright/color buttons, and backlight, and contrast buttons, and adjust a little at a time to see the effect until you get what you like.
  • Once your color/light adjustment is done, you can add a frame, if you like.
  • Click on the little arrow next to the word 'No frame' on the HOME tab, and there are many different frames you can choose from. Keep photo up for the next watermark step.


  • Click the OBJECT tab from the lower section.
  • Click the little icon with one capital T on it, and a new window appears with all your text options. There is font selection from your computers fonts, size, color, and opacity, and more. Once you have the text typed as you want it, and your font, color and opacity as you want it, click OK and it pops up on your photo. Move it around or resize it to your liking.
  • First you must save the png file watermarks to a folder on your computer that you can remember where they are.
  • Click the OBJECT tab from the lower section.
  • Click the little icon on the left of the section that looks like a picture of a mountain and a sun. The first time you click on it, it takes a little extra longer, just wait, it will pull up a folder navigation screen.
  • It pulls you up in a folder within Photoscape called "stamp". Just use the folder navigation to find the folder where you saved your watermarks. When you find it, double click on the watermark you want to add. It places the watermark at it's full size and you can now adjust the size of the watermark by using the corner of the box that is around your watermark. Once you have it sized and placed where you want, you can adjust the see-thru-ness of it by double clicking the watermark that is on your photo, a new screen comes up and you can slide the Opacity marker left or right to your liking.


Save your photo and you are done!
NOTE ABOUT SAVING: Photoscape automatically defaults to saving your original photo in a new folder called "originals" that is placed within the same folder your photo was in. So as long as you DO NOT uncheck the 'backup original photo in originals folder before overwriting' box at the save screen, all your originals are saved there, should you ever need them.
If you ever uncheck that box, even once, it will remember that setting and keep it as the default. SO, if you ever want to save a photo and NOT save the original, you can uncheck the box at the save screen, but you will need to remember to re-check that box the next time you save anything, in order to reset the default back to saving originals.

CLICK HERE to download a PDF of the above information.