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ABOUT ME: Hello, my name is Laurie. I'm just a regular Joe crafter. While trying to find digital images that met my own crafting needs, I decided to draw some of my own, as I had so many "weird" ideas that I just couldn’t locate elsewhere. I truly enjoy what I do and enjoy sharing the creativity that God has given me in the hopes it will inspire others to create too. I have a variety of doodling styles and I like to keep a diverse selection at hand. I hope you can find something you like here and I love to see what customers create.

MY ILLUSTRATIONS: My goal is to have a shop full of wholesome, family and children friendly images. It’s fun to imagine what little critters might be doing if they were like people, and I hope my images will help encourage the imagination of kids and adults alike. I strive to have images that make us smile, bring back good memories, appeal to the masculinity of men, the femininity of women, and the innocence and happiness of kids of all ages. You will NOT find anything grotesque, disturbing in an evil way, bloody, scary, or scantily clothed people (or animals). Basically, if it looks “adult” rated, I won’t offer it. It is also likely that I will never have any kind of mythical animals or creatures. As always, there may be sentiments that certain people might be able to twist and make them have an alternate adult meaning, but I always intend for an innocent and wholesome message.

MY CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you are brand new to using digital images, I am unable to spend one-on-one time getting into every detail.  There's just not enough hours in the day to help each person who is new to digital images, on top of everything else a mother and wife has to do.  But you are in luck!  I have a How-To page HERE that could help you get started learning how they work, and you can search the internet for "how to use digi images or digital stamps" and you likely will find a plethora of beginners help articles. Once you feel like you want to try some out, try a few of the totally freebies HERE.   No need to spend any money until you are sure you can use them and make them work like you want.

I have the very BEST Creative Team ever and each month I am overjoyed to see the beautiful creations they create! A few of my Creative Team members help me maintain the Doodle Pantry Blog and Challenges. I wouldn't be able to keep everything together without them!

I hope you enjoy creating to your hearts content with some of my doodles. But if my images don't suit your personal tastes, I sincerely hope something here inspires you to go create something unique that then puts a smile on another's face.